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Daniel Zikovitz, Ph.D.

Principal Solution Architect, GE

Dr. Dan Zikovitz is currently the Principal Digital Solutions Architect at GE Healthcare Canada. 
He has 20 + years healthcare and technology industry experience, coupled with significant domain expertise in areas of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Simulation used to solve pragmatic clinical, operational and health system challenges. 
Dr. Zikovitz is a  Digital Ambassador for GE Healthcare, with focus on  GE’s next generation of data, analytics and digital health platforms to promote innovation, constructive disruption and empower health systems, hospitals and care providers to impact patient outcomes.  He is an Advisory Board Member for the Ontario Brain Institute. 
Daniel received his Ph.D. in Computer Science and Biology from York University’s Centre for Vision Research, has held several faculty positions in Biology, Psychology and Computer Sciences and has recently given platform presentations on AI for DeGroot’s Executive MBA on Digital Transformation.  Dr. Zikovitz has over 50 academic publications, and is a Certified Modeling and Simulation Professional. Prior to joining GE, Daniel held positions at CAE, Visual8 and Pointclickcare.