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Wes Garland

DCP product development lead, Compute Lab

Wes is an expert software developer, project manager, product manager, and team leader with more than 20 years of experience in industry.  He has successfully delivered products in the telecom, gaming, real estate, publishing, mobile, and product training verticals.

With a proven track record in secure and reliable software design, Wes has delivered products used by national cellular and messaging carriers in five-nines uptime environments. He has been interested in server-side JavaScript platform development his entire career, and served as a member of the Securable Modules working group which eventually became CommonJS. He is the primary author of GPSEE, a Mozilla-based JavaScript development environment (a precursor to NodeJS), BravoJS (a CommonJS Modules/2.0 extensible module system), and the CommonJS Modules/2.0-8 draft specification. Having developed and lead teams using these products since 2007, Wes brings significant experience in key areas to Distributed Compute Labs.